I was speaking with a friend the other day and we realized that not much has been done to enhance the user experience with laptops.
There are laptops that have been reduced in weight such as the Mac Air and HP Ultrabook. These are rather pricey.  For those that can’t afford them, there are still a few problems that do not seem to have been resolved.

The issues I speak of are especially with regards to actually using the laptop on the lap, or in bed when all you have is some place to sit, and have no table or soft pad in sight.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • laptops still overheat when we do not have a hard surface to place them on.
  • most affordable laptops are still a little bit clunky and are either heavy or bulky.
  • laptop keyboards all look the same.. as far as I know there are no ergonomically enhanced laptop keyboards ( they all seem to have the same layout)
I know that the tablet has been designed with a touch- screen and a smaller lighter body that can be easily moved around.  However, the capabilities of most tablets are not as high as those of the average laptop. We need a laptop solution.