Cell Phones

Cell Phone Appearance

Ok so there is a need for this.. I have noticed it and I hope others have as well. We all buy cell phones for our various separate reasons. Some of us buy them for the speed, others for the operating system inside them. Bottom line is that there are many phones on the market that can do what we want. Which one do we pick? We always pick one over the others for the way that it looks, feels or makes us feel that is different from the way that the other phones do.

I love the finish on my HTC One S. I loved the finish on my T-Mobile G2. However, I have had to buy an Otterbox for each one. Sometimes we seek out skins and such to make our phones express a bit about our character. Other times, we use them for protection from scratching and damage of the phone shell.  Other times though, we already pick a phone based on something we like about the finish on the shell. In my case, I loved the shell on the HTC G2. I feel that the brushed steel finish was just amazing. I feel that the HTC One S is very well designed. It fits great into my hand. I was afraid of dropping it out of my hand at first but that was because of the very lightweight that the phone has. I had an Otterbox shell on it but have taken it off. It did not feel the same. Now I just need to make sure I never drop it.

There is a need for a product in the market that encases the whole phone and retains the feel of the phone as was intended by the designer. The best protecting phone cases out there all seem to add a degree of bulk to the design. The “wrap” types of cell phone protection are only built for bar-designed phones. However, they do add a small degree of skin and are only a waterproof ultra smooth layer meant to waterproof the phone. As far as I know, there is nothing out there that will leave my phone as slim as I want it, yet offer enough protection. The issue may be that we need an ultra strong ultra slim cell phone right out of the box. Image


Human resource development (HRD)

As I understood or at least in the context that I related to, this is a field that is multidisciplinary and seeks to link economics, motivational theory, educational learning as well as transformative learning to both tackle existing problems as well as create solutions for anticipated problems in systems and societies. 

To be successful in a design endeavor, we ought to strive to be rational, empathetic, intellectual as well as have a solid design.  we need to put ourselves in the shoes of the end user, while at the same time try to look at design in a more removed way where we can be critical.

As a designer, it is also very important to take into consideration the actual needs of the end user. I remember a discussion in a human factors class where we were talking about the TV remote control which became extremely complex with more buttons than were needed by mere choice of designers, without actually considering what the end user wanted. The result was that end users were overwhelmed with the numerous buttons. Some users were happy to see the many buttons but it did not work out for a lot of people. 

Aside from speaking with the potential end user, a multidisciplinary approach where experts in other fields are included is a most favorable approach. There may be small technicalities that are overlooked in design such as longevity, durability and social trends that all need to be incorporated in the new idea/product to make it a success when it is unveiled. 

An important aspect that I learned here as well was that there needs to be a period allowed for a product or idea to get accepted . It needs to be accepted that there may not always be immediate acceptance of an idea from people that are afraid, or perhaps unwilling to adapt to the new way of doing things.

Human resource development *****


I’m inspired


Yesterday I had a most interesting and inspirational 4 hour conversation with someone who I hope can become both a friend as well as a mentor. Some of the ideas that we covered are things that are basically good ideas that I need to instill just as life lessons. Others were more questions that rekindled sparks in me that I had for a while not felt.

The gentleman ( I will need his concent before I can post his name on my website) is taking his grad school classes in the field of human resource development and has also as well as still serves in various committees and panels in local government where he shares his ideas with others. As a member of think tanks around the Twin cities, he has felt that there is an underrepresentation of people of my background in the field. He felt that I was very passionate about design and conceptualizing ideas. Our conversation was in part about human capital as well as the challenges that may be faced in group dynamics when trying to work on getting an idea out.

I have a few movies that I need to watch all the way, as they were mentioed in conversation. I also got to see previews of some of them as well. The movies are : Objectified and Helvetica. I have a few books that I will be looking up as well.  My next few posts will be related to some of the aspects that we discussed in our conversation.