I’m inspired


Yesterday I had a most interesting and inspirational 4 hour conversation with someone who I hope can become both a friend as well as a mentor. Some of the ideas that we covered are things that are basically good ideas that I need to instill just as life lessons. Others were more questions that rekindled sparks in me that I had for a while not felt.

The gentleman ( I will need his concent before I can post his name on my website) is taking his grad school classes in the field of human resource development and has also as well as still serves in various committees and panels in local government where he shares his ideas with others. As a member of think tanks around the Twin cities, he has felt that there is an underrepresentation of people of my background in the field. He felt that I was very passionate about design and conceptualizing ideas. Our conversation was in part about human capital as well as the challenges that may be faced in group dynamics when trying to work on getting an idea out.

I have a few movies that I need to watch all the way, as they were mentioed in conversation. I also got to see previews of some of them as well. The movies are : Objectified and Helvetica. I have a few books that I will be looking up as well.  My next few posts will be related to some of the aspects that we discussed in our conversation.


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