The Wagon


I really really do love wagons.  The dark blue one to the rear is my 97 Volvo 850 Base model wagon ( Volvo 855). To the fore is a 2006 Volvo V70R.. quite a sweet beast actually.

Mine is the predecessor of the V70. There has however been a significant increase in size. I also just learned that after 2013 there will no longer be V70s sold on the US market. I don’t like this. There has been a huge upsurge in the crossover SUV realm. I can appreciate the increase in AWD options but really like how these two wagons pictured here sit close to the ground and really aren’t as large as a Rav-4 or Subaru Forester. What happened to the AWD low sitting sweet wagon?

There are arguably advances in fuel efficiency that make the new crossovers a good idea but Volvo’s V70s and 855s have just as good fuel consumption as their sedan versions, but have that extra cargo space for hauling the bikes or your longer furniture from Ikea.

Side-note:  I am looking into selling mine some time and getting a 2000 V70 AWD or else one of these V70Rs. This here is  my dream car.



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